Letting Pupils Shine

  • How to engage pupils in language learning?
  • How to encourage pupils to use a foreign language?
  • How to give a voice to pupils in foreign languages?
  • How to learn different competences through language learning?

A seminar to language teachers from preschool to high school The final seminar of the Language Tutor project will be a unique opportunity to work with experienced language teachers. Ulrike Sievers and Alex Spencer will give a glimpse of language teaching practices and perspectives in European Steiner schools and language teacher training. Working together, you will discuss, brainstorm and solve practical language teaching dilemmas with them. Ulrike’s and Alex’s ”pedagogical cookbooks” contain many recipes that will be kept available for the participants. However, at the heart of all the discussions are the learners and why they are being helped in the world of language learning.

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https://steinerkasvatus.fi/letting-pupils-shine/  @Steinerkasvatuksen liitto 

Seminar was held March 26, 2022